Now or never !

Hello Everybody !

We are already in December and – I must confess – time flies since the month of August! And for good reason: I found a job and as I try to juggle between family life, work and scrap activities … I’ m often feeling completely overwhelmed! I realize that I’m going through a big turning point in my career and it’s time to turn a page, even if it is painful. After weeks of reflection, I decided to stop my professional activities in scrapbooking as of January 2015. I will continue (of course!) for fun because it’s always my greatest passion!

Therefore, I must stop to sell online workshops on the 31st of December 2014 and that’s why I propose a BIG promotion on the last available workshop: a discount of 30 % !


Click here to buy Pop & Colours #3 at 19,50€

I want to thank you for your fidelity during these eight years of pure joy … each encounter  was unique and I will keep in mind exceptional memories.

A BIG thank you to Evelyne for all her help during last months, without you I couldn’t have make it, your friendship is so precious to me… thank you!

WARNING: All workshops will remain available until the initial announced dates :

End of publication for Pop & Colors #2 : 3rd January 2015
End of publication for Pop & Colors #3 : 5th  August 2016

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